2023 Ford Ranger build: Trig Point slide-out kitchen

Now we’re cooking, with a complete interior fit-out of our Trig Point canopy

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A key part of the Ranger build was always going to be the service body/canopy that we fitted to it, and we have been very fortunate to partner with the team at Trig Point in Melbourne who designed, manufactured and installed the unit for us.

They went over and above on the installation, also fitting the extensive Projecta power system and the MSA Powerslide fridge mount and rear drawer.

From the outset, Murray at Trig Point had something else in mind for our canopy and it is a project that he has been tweaking the design of over the months since fitting the canopy itself.

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The new product is a slide-out kitchen/pantry and there was space left aside for it on the passenger-side of the canopy alongside the fridge drop slide. This is the side of the Ranger that is covered by the awning and where people will be accessing and preparing food, and generally hanging out when in camp.

The kitchen is designed to be a pantry where you can store all your non-perishable food and kitchenware, where it is secure yet remains easily accessible.

The design allows for direct access to often used sections without having to slide the whole unit out when you just want to make a quick roadside cuppa. Or slide it right out and open it up to give you a large workspace table with a sink bowl.

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The table drops down to place it at a usable height that is around 180mm lower than the canopy floor, or wherever the kitchen is mounted. This is especially important when the pantry is in a lifted 4x4.

The table is rated to 20kg and folds up above the unit when not in use meaning that the front remains open and accessible without having to unfold the table or slide the unit out.

The overall height leaves space above the kitchen to store your gas stove or induction cooktop when it is in a standard-size Trig Point canopy. From here it is easily accessible, and can be moved down to the table when needed, while elasticised cord holds it securely in place when stored. There’s more space above the kitchen in a LandCruiser 79 canopy, as they are taller overall than a midsize ute canopy like our Ranger’s.

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The many storage spaces and shelving are adjustable to accommodate a wide variety of different-sized products. The large space at the rear of the pantry again has a shelf that is adjustable for different heights, and in the case of our unit has been set up to mount a Travel Buddy 12-volt oven up top with a large space underneath that for bigger items like pots and pans. Smaller coffee machines can also be accommodated in this space.

An option for the Trig Point kitchen is a mounting kit for the Travel Buddy and a wiring kit with Anderson plug to power the oven. It also adds a dual USB power outlet to charge devices while in camp. In our Ranger, 240V power is available from the Projecta inverter/charger at the front wall of the canopy.

The positioning of the kitchen at the rear of our canopy places it right next to the water tank outlet and pump switch, making it easy to use for food prep, cleaning and to fill up the 7L pop-out sink.

1daf166b/ford ranger trig point camp kitchen 22 jpg

Like the canopy itself, the design, fit and finish of the Trig Point kitchen are all top notch. The unit is made in-house at Trig Point using a mix of 2mm, 2.5mm and 4.0mm aluminium, with steel brackets for the pivoting arms on the table.

Little details like mounting spots for food bags, and the inbuilt bottle opener, all add to the functionality, and the fully powder coated surfaces make them easy to wipe clean as well as protecting them. At the moment the Trig Point kitchen only comes in this grey colour pictured, but soon there will be the option of black powder coating as well.

The Trig Point kitchen measures 750mm (w) x 725mm (d) x 615mm (h) and can be bolted into any canopy or onto any solid surface. The unit weighs in at 41.5kg without any options.

Given the functionality and quality of the product we say it’s money well spent. It’s certainly made life on the road with our Ranger an easier proposition.


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