2023 Toyota HiLux dual battery set-ups

Prevent getting stuck with a flat starter, with a dual-battery system

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When you add all the power-hungry accessories we take on trips these days, a starter battery simply can't cope.

The result will be a dead starter battery when you need it most. The solution is a dual or secondary battery system. Without the need to perform starting duties on your HiLux, this second battery can be a designated deep-cycle with the sole purpose of running those accessories.

  • What it is: A second battery system. These systems typically include a second deep-cycle battery; an isolator and/or charger between the starter battery and second battery; and associated wiring and hardware such as battery mounting trays. For this guide we have focused on battery trays as they are vehicle-specific, and chargers/isolators as they are the beating heart of any dual battery system.
  • Why you need it: Fridges, lights, 12-volt ovens, radios, laptops, cameras and other accessories can significantly drain a battery, leaving insufficient power to start the car. A starter battery isn’t designed for the deep discharge required to power appliances long-term - it’s designed to deliver a surge of power for the short period of time required to start the car. To avoid destroying your starter battery, a second battery will be required to run these accessories.
  • Buying tips: Dual-battery systems are not particularly vehicle-specific and similar setups will work across multiple vehicles. The HiLux is no exception, so any auto electrician should be able to create a dual-battery system. We have listed below some of the HiLux-specific kits, especially trays, as that’s the part which tends to be unique to a given vehicle.

As a general rule, Toyota alternators run at a lower voltage than some others, which means basic battery isolators/chargers may not be suitable. This means a specialised charger will be required if you intend to run an AGM battery.

Lithium batteries are the pinnacle of 12V systems as they are lighter and have more capacity than comparable AGM or lead acid batteries, but lithium does require specialised charging systems. They are also much more expensive.

Here are four products we recommend. They’re intended as a starting point, to give you an idea of what’s available.


Battery SizeBattery LocationChargerLithium-compatible 
Piranha OffroadUp to 265mm, 21kgUnder bonnet30Amp DC-DCYes
RedarcUp to 200AhTray or cabin40Amp DC-DCYes
ProjectaUp to 300mm x W174mm x H220mm, 17kgUnder bonnet25Amp DC-DCNo
Enerdrive EsystemUp to 200AhTray or cabin40Amp DC-DCYes

Piranha Offroad

Pairing an Australian-made battery tray designed for under-bonnet mounting with the 30Amp DC-DC charger from Piranha Offroad provides a reliable and effective solution to your power requirements.

Featuring selectable output voltages for lithium, sealed lead acid, vented lead acid, AGM or lead crystal batteries and solar input, the charger will take just about any input and convert it to usable power to charge your auxiliary battery.


  • Battery size: Up to 265mm, 21kg (limited by the tray size)
  • Battery location: Under bonnet
  • Charger: 30Amp DC-DC
  • Lithium compatible: Yes
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  • Solar input available
  • Australian-made tray
  • Charger suitable for all battery types


  • Under-bonnet mounting limits lithium options
  • 21kg rating is insufficient for a 100AH AGM battery


With 40 amps of output, this DC-DC charger from Redarc is suitable for batteries up to 200AH, including lithium. The kit comes with required wiring, fuses and a dual-battery voltage gauge. Pick up a battery and find somewhere in your cabin or tray to mount it and you’re ready to go.


  • Battery size: Up to 200Ah
  • Battery location: Tray or cabin
  • Charger: 40Amp DC-DC
  • Lithium compatible: Yes
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  • The kit gives a nice headstart for those installing themselves
  • Redarc quality
  • Charger suitable for all battery types and can charge a whopping 200Ah lithium


  • Redarc quality does cost
  • The dual voltage gauge is great for an AGM but no good for lithium


This combo from Projecta includes a heavy duty-battery tray designed for under-bonnet mounting, made with 2mm steel. It's combined with a 45Amp DC-DC charger that is equally at home under the bonnet. The charger is rated up to 80°C, meaning this combo is a simple under-bonnet solution for those not interested in jumping on the lithium bandwagon.


  • Battery size: Up to L300mm x W174mm x H220mm, 17kg
  • Battery location: Under bonnet
  • Charger: 25Amp DC-DC
  • Lithium compatible: No
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  • Simple under-bonnet solution
  • Solar input
  • Auto detect battery types


  • No potential for lithium upgrade in the future
  • 17kg rating is a little light

Enerdrive Esystem

For those who want an off-the-shelf full system solution to bolt into that fancy service body or canopy, the complete Enderdrive Esystem is for you. The system includes a 40Amp DC-DC charger, fuse block and 2000W inverter for those 240v appliances.


  • Battery size: Up to 200Ah
  • Battery location: Tray or cabin
  • Charger: 40Amp DC-DC
  • Lithium compatible: Yes
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  • Neat and tidy system easy to be installed by the home mechanic
  • Made-to-order configurations
  • Convenient


  • Pricey overall but actually good value considering the inclusions

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  • Coatings
  • Compatibility with other accessories
  • Compliance with ADRs and vehicle safety systems
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