2024 Citroen E-C3 revealed: Europe’s answer to affordable Chinese EVs

There’s a new affordable EV option in Europe – but, for now at least, we can't have it

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The all-new 2024 Citroen E-C3 electric light car has been unveiled for Europe with a sharp €23,300 ($38,700) starting price.


  • New Citroen E-C3 electric car revealed for Europe
  • Attainable circa-$30K variant coming in 2025
  • French to directly rival Chinese-made EVs from BYD, MG, GWM
  • Not available to Australia

An even more affordable smaller-battery variant will join a year later with a €19,990 ($33,200) price tag to further undercut competitive Chinese-made EVs, including the BYD Dolphin, MG 4, and GWM Ora.

In Europe, the E-C3 will launch with two variants featuring a 44kWh (gross) battery based on the cheaper and longer lasting lithium-iron-phosphate (LFP) chemistry, which delivers up to 320 kilometres claimed WLTP range.

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Recharging speeds are capped at 11kW AC and 100kW DC.

A single electric motor produces 83kW of power and propels the electric city hatchback from 0-100km/h in about 11 seconds.

Meanwhile, the cheaper 2025 E-C3 variant will provide up to 200km of claimed WLTP driving range, with full specifications to be announced.

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SUV styling

Based on the current Indian-spec Citroen E-C3, the European version gains a design overhaul while maintaining the rugged SUV-style look.

It adopts Stellantis’s ‘Smart Car’ global platform, said to be designed as an EV from the start, but can accommodate traditional internal combustion engines.

With a Suzuki Ignis vibe and 4010mm length akin to the MG 3, the Citroen E-C3 also features contrasting colour accents on the C-pillars and front bumper similar to the facelifted Mazda 2 – but can be swapped with a different colour.

Compared to the outgoing petrol-powered C3, the French company claims interior space has improved in nearly every dimension with a 100mm higher seating position, 163mm ground clearance, and 310-litres of boot space.

Citroen has also fitted its Advanced Comfort Suspension and Progressive Hydraulic Cushions as standard to offer a more comfortable ride.

Inside, there's large windows, a compact steering wheel and a fabric-wrapped dashboard to provide a ‘lounge-like’ theme.

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Tech and safety

Despite the budget-friendly price, the E-C3 still offers a range of technology and safety assistance features.

It’s available with a 10.25-inch touchscreen with wireless Apple CarPlay and wireless Android Auto, while a slim heads-up driver instrument display is standard.

A suite of safety assistance technologies are also featured, including auto emergency braking with vehicle, pedestrian and cyclist detection, lane departure assist, speed sign recognition, and standard cruise control.

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Will the Citroen E-C3 launch in Australia?

Nope. Or, at least, not anytime soon.

The affordable Citroen E-C3 will launch in Europe in the second quarter of 2024, with the cheapest circa-$30K variant set to join in 2025.

As for Australia, the brand's local distributor has confirmed with Wheels Media that the E-C3 is simply not available to our market. They'd be keen to look at it, however.

"Should the Citroën ë-C3 become available for the Australian market, of course we would be interested in closely evaluating its suitability for local introduction," a spokesperson said.

If it does launch in Australia, the E-C3 will bring new European competition to the entry-level EV scene.

Currently, the Chinese-made BYD Dolphin, MG 4, and GWM Ora electric hatches cost around $40K before on-road costs. The cheapest European-made EV is the Nissan Leaf, which is priced from $50,990 before on-roads.

Volkswagen has also vowed to launch the ID.2 with a circa-$40K price in Europe by around 2025.

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