2024 Mitsubishi Triton vs old 2023 Triton: SPEC BATTLE!

How do the specifications and features for the 2024 Mitsubishi Triton stack up against the outgoing ute?

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The 2024 Mitsubishi Triton is a much-improved ute that’s due to hit Australian shores in February next year, but just how different is it from the current Triton? And is it worth waiting for?

Read on for everything you need to know about the old and new Mitsubishi Triton…

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The Mitsubishi Triton’s dimensions have remained remarkably similar since the introduction of the ML Triton in 2006 – especially the 3.0-metre wheelbase that remains on today’s MQ-MR Triton which is built in the same Triton production facility just outside Bangkok, Thailand.

Finally, though, the new car has a fresh frame underneath with major changes. It’s got a wider body obliged by a broader track and rides on a longer wheelbase, but the Triton remains one of the more compact utes in the segment.

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With a larger tub for dual cab variants (it’s 35mm longer and measures 1545mm at its widest point), the Triton is able to fit a European pallet behind its wheelarches.

A flattened and grip-taped area on the bumper gives a more ergonomic area to stand and load objects.

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Dimensions (4x4 Dual Cab models)2024 Mitsubishi TritonOld Triton dual cab
Tray length/width1555/1545mm1520/1470mm
Ground clearance222mm220mm
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Chassis and towing

Mitsubishi has massively improved the new Triton’s frame, with more high-tensile steel used in the construction.

For 2024, the Triton will be certified to tow 3500kg braked loads, matching segment leaders such as the Ford Ranger, Volkswagen Amarok and Toyota HiLux. By raw figures, the new Triton promises a a 400kg – or 13 per cent – improvement over the old car.

Payloads are yet to be confirmed, but we expect the new car to exceed the existing 901kg offered by the range-topping GSR grade.

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This is partially down to improved power and frame strength, but also due to Mitsubishi’s ability to keep body weight under control.

The new Triton’s actual cabin is lighter than the outgoing vehicle thanks to the use 1180MPa high-tensile steel in its construction – though Mitsubishi is yet to confirm the ute’s final kerb weights.

Keeping the tyres in contact with the road are larger diameter dampers that boast 20mm more front suspension stroke thanks to a higher upper mount for the double wishbone suspension.

Adding to the refinement, the Triton now gets electric power-assisted steering for the first time, which ought to improve refinement and steering precision over the old hydraulic setup.

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2023 Mitsubishi Triton Xtreme


The new Triton has an extra turbo strapped to what is a very similar 2.4-litre diesel four-cylinder engine.

It will be automatic-only at launch, though lower grades will be offered with a six-speed manual with cable, rather than linkage, actuation.

The extra turbo, new injectors and other revisions see the Triton’s outputs jump 17kW and 20Nm.

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Power levels are now in line with the Toyota HiLux, though torque lags behind best-in-class than the Ranger/Amarok’s 600Nm V6

Under the bonnet of the new Triton is a 2.4-litre twin-turbo diesel four-cylinder producing 150kW/470Nm, with a six-speed automatic the only transmission at launch (a revised six-speed manual will follow).

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Specifications 2024 Mitsubishi Triton 2023 Mitsubishi Triton GSR
Engine 2.4L twin-turbo diesel four cyl 2.4L single-turbo diesel four cyl
Transmission Six-speed auto/man Six-speed auto/man
Power 150kW 133kW
Torque 470Nm 430Nm
ADR 81/02 fuel use N/A 8.6L/100km
Kerb weight N/A 1999kg
Payload N/A 901kg
Towing Capacity (braked) 3500kg 3100kg
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2023 Mitsubishi Triton engine

Interior and cabin design

The old Triton’s dated interior is replaced by a new vertical Outlander-inspired design with a whole lot more digitisation.

A 9.0-inch touchscreen features in the centre of the new Triton’s dash (replacing a very Supercheap Auto-looking 7.0-inch item) with satellite navigation, traffic sign recognition, wireless Apple CarPlay (and wired Android Auto).

Connected-vehicle services such as ute status, and remote locking via a smartphone application are new, too – but the last feature is unlikely for Australia initially. Still, it’s a big upgrade on the old Triton’s analogue chic.

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The front seats have been totally overhauled and are now comfortable and supportive, replacing the flat and firm items from before.

Adding length to the wheelbase improves rear seat occupant space, which is also helped by the 50mm wider cabin of the new, squarer Triton. Higher quality materials, borrowed from the Outlander, add to an enhanced sense of luxury within the new ute.

Rear seat passengers retain the roof-mounted air vents and high-spec trims get USB charge points as well as a fold-out centre armrest.

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Mitsubishi is yet to confirm 2024 Triton pricing, which will happen closer to its Australian launch in February 2024.

The Triton GSR flagship currently costs $56,490 before on-road costs, though with all the improvements and an upmarket push within the cabin, we’re expecting the new Triton will shift upwards.

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Expect a flagship model to command $60K or more before on-road costs – bringing it in line with the Ford Ranger – and the range to start closer to $40K.

The grade walk will remain similar to the current car, with a GLX entry grade followed by a GLX+ (with added safety gear), then GLS that gets Mitsubishi’s Super Select II four-wheel drive system, with the range headlined by the GSR trim that has available leather upholstery.

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