Australia’s best-value electric cars by driving range

Which new EVs give you the best value when it comes to how far they'll go on a single charge? We break down the numbers

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Looking for an EV that maximises your dollars for driving range?

Less driving range compared to traditional petrol and diesel cars is a key perceived barrier to make the electric vehicle switch. Yet, bigger batteries and more range often means a higher price tag.


  • Most EVs provide more than sufficient range for the majority of Australians
  • Bigger battery, longer range often means more expensive price tag
  • Ultra-aerodynamic EVs don’t always provide the best value-for-range

EVs provide more than enough range for most Australians’ needs – with the typical driver travelling only 30 to 40 kilometres on average per day, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics [↗].

But, Australians also like to venture on interstate holiday road trips and some need to travel long distances for work at times – which is when you’ll most benefit from a longer range EV.

But, if you can (ideally) charge at home and have determined that switching to an EV suits your needs, which models available today will give you the best ‘bang for buck’ in terms of driving range?


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🛣️ How far can EVs drive?

Most new electric car models on sale today provide between 300 to 600 kilometres of claimed driving range, depending on the model.

Keep in mind, these are ‘claimed’ figures from the car manufacturer’s controlled laboratory tests, often under the European standard called the Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicle Test Procedure (WLTP).

As with regular petrol or diesel cars, the real-world range will likely be less (typically 10 to 20 per cent) – depending on factors such as driving behaviour, air-conditioning use, weather conditions (headwinds, rain), aerodynamic drag (open windows, roof racks fitted), and payload (weight of passengers, cargo, tow trailer).

Carmakers also generally recommend an everyday charging limit of 80 per cent for lithium-ion type batteries to maintain good health and avoid extended charging times, whereas lithium-iron-phosphate (LFP) cathodes are less susceptible to degradation if fully charged.

But, which electric car models offer the best value for range from a single full charge?

🔋 Top 20 best-value EVs, ranked by cost-for-range

If driving range is a priority for you, here’s every EV model that provide the best dollar-for-range in Australia.

Notably, all models are made-in-China (read why that’s the case here) – and demonstrate that you don’t need to spend on high-end, large battery or ultra-aerodynamic EV to achieve the best value for range.

Figures below are accurate as at the time of publication.

Ranking based on cost per kilometre – calculated from price excluding on-road costs, dealer delivery fees and claimed combined WLTP range on a full 100 per cent charge (which generally isn’t recommended regularly for lithium-ion batteries).

You can find news and reviews for each of these models by visiting our Electric Cars page or clicking the link beneath each model in the rankings.

🥇 MG 4 Excite 64

Cost per km$99.98
Price (before on-road costs)$44,990
Claimed range (WLTP)450km
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🥈 BYD Dolphin Premium*

Cost per km$105.36
Price (before on-road costs)$44,990
Claimed range (WLTP)427km
*Model launching soon in Australia, but on sale now.
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🥉 MG 4 Long Range 77

Cost per km$105.64
Price (before on-road costs)$55,990
Claimed range (WLTP)530km
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4️⃣ Polestar 2 Long Range Single Motor

Cost per km$109.17
Price (before on-road costs)$71,400
Claimed range (WLTP)654km
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5️⃣ GWM Ora Extended Range

Cost per km$109.50
Price (before on-road costs)$45,990
Claimed range (WLTP)420km

6️⃣ MG 4 Essence 64

Cost per km$110.32
Price (before on-road costs)$47,990
Claimed range (WLTP)435km
1a5811c0/2023 mg 4 drive day review 110 jpg

7️⃣ MG 4 Excite 51

Cost per km$111.40
Price (before on-road costs)$38,990
Claimed range (WLTP)350km

8️⃣ Tesla Model 3 Long Range*

Cost per km$114.31
Price (before on-road costs)$71,900
Claimed range (WLTP)629km
*Model launching soon in Australia, but on sale now.
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9️⃣ BYD Dolphin Dynamic*

Cost per km$114.38
Price (before on-road costs)$38,890
Claimed range (WLTP)340km
*Model launching soon in Australia, but on sale now.

🔟 GWM Ora Ultra

Cost per km$116.64
Price (before on-road costs)$48,990
Claimed range (WLTP)420km

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