Bushranger 4x4 launches all-new COVERT winch

The COVERT winch is an Australian first that could change the way winches are built

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After years of development and rigorous testing, Bushranger 4x4 has released its all-new COVERT winch, a compact and synergised Australian-designed 12V winch that is revolutionary.

The COVERT winch is equipped with an ultra-efficient all-in-one motor control unit paired with a finely tuned 5.3hp 12V motor. The in-built motor control unit features a direct-connection bespoke Albright contactor that creates greater motor efficiency while removing the requirement for an external control box.

The purpose-built 5.3hp series-wound motor drives a four-stage gearbox that delivers faster line speeds while drawing reduced current, something you demand from a 4WD recovery.

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The gearbox is constructed using hardened steel gearsets that have been designed for maximum strength, load distribution and durability. A zero-drag braking system provides 100 per cent load holding and the ability to utilise powered unspooling under zero load, without damaging the COVERT winch.

Engineered and proven in Australia, the COVERT winch utilises the highest quality components and has been rigorously tested so that you can be assured the winch and its components are reliable and long-lasting, even under the harshest conditions. Robustly constructed, the lightweight aluminium alloy housings are structurally designed and finished with a durable pre-treated satin black powdercoat.

With a stylistic and discreet aesthetic, the COVERT winch allows a discreet fitment into an expansive range of 4WDs and, with multiple mounting options that won’t interfere with the airflow to cooling systems or essential sensors on your 4WD, the versatile winch comes prewired with preset clutch positioning to suit most bull bars.

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The COVERT winch also comes with a compact and water-resistant dual-connection remote that offers a 30m range (wireless) or 5m wired lead and a main power isolation switch.

The RWC100S and RWC100W models are 583mm (L) x 171mm (W) x 202mm (H) and when fitted weigh 31.5kg with a synthetic rope and 43kg with a steel cable.

The synthetic rope is 28m black, 10mm diameter with a protective sleeve, while the steel cable is 28m, 9.2mm diameter. Fairleads to suit the synthetic cable or wire cable are included in the kit.

Bushranger offers a limited lifetime warranty with a seven-year warranty on the electrical components.


COVERT 10,000lb Synthetic Winch: $1595
COVERT 10,000lb Wire Winch: $1395

COVERT 12,000lb winches will be available in February 2024. The Bushranger COVERT winch is only available through the ARB Network.

Glenn Marshall


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