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ae89096a/tesla model 3 fast charger jpg

Are there enough EV chargers in Australia? Here's your guide

Public EV charging networks are expanding, but there still aren’t enough today. Does that mean you shouldn’t buy an EV?

af6e09c6/abrook 220212 2022 coty hyundai ioniq 5 awd 5 jpg

How much more expensive are electric cars in 2023?

Amid inevitably increasing new car prices, how big is the electric vehicle price premium compared to a petrol vehicle?

b4a509c7/kia stinger tall 1 1 jpg

Driven to extinction: Kia Stinger

The Korean that subbed in for two aussie favourites

c25e0a96/audi sustainability 4 jpg

How sustainable are electric cars really? Charging, battery & waste explained

The true environmental impact of EVs continues to be questioned, so are they really ‘greener’ than ICE cars? Here’s a comprehensive evidence-based breakdown

c0e71572/australias cheapest electric cars jpg

What are the 10 cheapest electric cars in Australia?

These are the most budget-friendly new electric vehicles in Australia starting from below $40K

c5f00a7a/2022 hyundai ioniq 5 vs kia ev6 vs polestar 2 australia dynamic rear 1 cbrunelli jpg

How far can electric cars go in Australia? Full EV driving range list!

The ultimate list of every EV available in Australia and how far they claim to take you on a single charge

63410e76/2024 byd dolphin nz 16 jpg

How much do electric cars cost in Australia? Full market pricing!

We break down what to expect to pay for every new EV in Australia today

ad05098d/2023 isuzu mu x ls t in galaxy blue mica towing 1 jpg

Isuzu MU-X towing capacity

Your quick guide to the MU-X's towing capabilities

bb9209df/wheels magazine august 2018 jpg

Wheels Inbox: Iconic covers, EV anxiety

The latest thoughts, insights, corrections and criticism from our readers!

3b5612bc/1973 ford landau coupe retro 2 jpg

Retro Series: 1973 Ford Landau

LTD appeal: a two-door LTD sounded great in theory; the execution took care of itself...

d23c1b9c/2008 toyota century sedan modern classic edewar 230727 4 jpg

Modern Classic: Toyota Century

The only JDM series production car to feature a V12 engine, the Century offers a tantalising peek beneath the curtain of Japanese high society

bf980a76/2022 hyundai ioniq 5 vs hyundai nexo comparison static front hyundai hq australia bsullivan jpg

Hydrogen or battery-electric cars: Which is right for Australia?

Why are battery EVs starting to take off, while hydrogen continues to be stuck at ground level?

66d40e49/2024 polestar 2 australia launch 74 jpg

Electric car servicing explained: What do EVs cost to maintain?

Do electric cars need regular servicing? What does it include? Is it cheaper to maintain an EV than a petrol or diesel car? Find out in this handy guide

aadf094c/2023 mg zs ev vs byd atto 3 suv comparison group 22 jpg

Is it time to buy an electric car? Crunching the numbers!

Is the tide turning for EVs? We've crunched the numbers on how much you could save by making the electric switch

Running Costs Petrol V Electric

Electric v Petrol: How much does it cost to charge vs fuel a car?

What are the running costs of an electric vehicle when compared to the internal combustion engined cars we've known for so long?

cc37195f/2023 cupra born performance pack front rolling jpg

Australia’s best-value electric cars by driving range

Which new EVs give you the best value when it comes to how far they'll go on a single charge? We break down the numbers

cda80aba/2022 volvo xc40 vs 2022 lexus ux300e thomaswielecki 56 jpg

Why are EV chargers unreliable?

Faulty public EV charging stations have been the angst for many critics in the media – adding to the fear and hesitancy. Here’s why chargers can be unreliable at times and what’s being done

ebc215aa/should you buy a used electric car 2 jpg

Electric Cars: Best Buys, Advice, Guides & Explainers

Everything you need to know about how EVs work, their 'pros & cons', which ones to buy and how to make the most of them!

aac10960/tr cycling 1 of 2 jpg

Sharing the road with cyclists – what you need to know

As cycling continues to grow in popularity in Australia, understanding and adhering to the road rules surrounding bicycle lanes is essential for everyone's safety

242316b1/electric cars with the longest range 2 jpg

The longest range electric cars in Australia

What range-anxiety? Here are the best long-range EVs on sale in Australia today and how far they can take you on a single charge

0c6f168a/mg4 v gwm ora v byd dolphin comparison jpg

Can I drive an electric car on my P-plates?

In the world of automotive freedom, the journey from a learner to a fully-fledged driver is one paved with lessons, experiences, and yes, restrictions.

a40e093e/2022 genesis gv70 electric suv 2210gengv70 42 jpg

These are the fastest-charging electric cars, if you're in a hurry

Here’s the what’s-watt on electric vehicle battery sizes and charging times

b7ab0961/2022 hyundai ioniq 5 v tesla model 3 comparison wheels wielecki a 24 jpg

Which electric cars are exempt from the Luxury Car Tax?

The contentious LCT continues to shadow Australian new car buyers, but which EV models can avoid it?

a9fb08f6/opinion solving australia car theft jpg

Do you need a Faraday bag?

With relay attacks on the rise, a Faraday bag can help you keep your car safe.