Clearview Accessories offers upgrades to improve LandCruiser 70 mirrors

70 Series side mirrors can now get the added functionality that comes standard in other 4x4s in the Toyota range

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Aussies love the 70 Series, but these heavy duty workhorses lack a bit of finesse when it comes to the side mirrors and interior.

Thankfully, Clearview Accessories offers extensive options to personalise and upgrade the OE mirrors.

The Original Towing Mirror ‘manual black’ is one of Clearview’s all-time, best-selling mirrors and is a readily justifiable upgrade for $785 that replaces the basic metal frame mirrors that are renowned for being next to useless.

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The manual adjustment black mirrors are now also available in the Next Gen and Compact Towing Mirror designs by Clearview Accessories, and retail for $785 for the Compact and $835 for the Next Gen.

This option provides a better-looking, more stable and robust mirror design while also offering the extra visibility that Clearview’s extendable towing mirrors deliver.

Clearview Accessories also offers additional upgrades for the 70 Series including electric mirror adjustment for $150, adding indicators to the mirrors for $100, as well as adding Power Fold functionality for +$670. Clearview does provide the wiring harness and switches with their mirrors to assist in reducing installation time.

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GVM upgrades are popular modifications for 70 Series LandCruisers, and Clearview offers a ‘CAT 6 LED indicators’ option in the Compact and Next Gen Towing Mirrors. These indicators comply with ADR6/00 Category 6 as required for some GVM-upgraded vehicles. All relevant Clearview Compact and Next Gen towing mirrors can be ordered with the CAT 6 indicators if required, for $95 per set.

Upgrading your 70 Series mirrors will extend your field of vision when towing, changing lanes or reversing, which improves safety. The mirrors also fold inwards or outwards if struck while 4WDing or parked, reducing insurance claims.

Glenn Marshall


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