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6d5f137d/2024 citroen e c3 europe reveal 6 jpg

2024 Citroen E-C3 revealed: Europe’s answer to affordable Chinese EVs

There’s a new affordable EV option in Europe – but, for now at least, we can't have it

82c80e54/2023 byd seal 2023004 2 jpg

2024 BYD Seal review

The next car in the Build Your Dreams empire is the sporty Seal sedan with the Tesla Model 3 firmly in its sights

608f1727/2024 renault scenic e tech electric suv 045 jpg

Victoria’s EV road tax found “unconstitutional” by Australian High Court

In a blow for the state, Victoria’s zero-emissions vehicle road-user tax has been deemed unlawful

ae89096a/tesla model 3 fast charger jpg

Are there enough EV chargers in Australia? Here's your guide

Public EV charging networks are expanding, but there still aren’t enough today. Does that mean you shouldn’t buy an EV?

b489107e/byd ute patent header jpg

BYD Ute: "Best in class" electric-first hybrid ute due in 2024

Electric-first BYD dual-cab ute to be supported by 1.5-litre petrol engine for 1000km-plus range

b9191479/subaru solterra sti concept 2022 1 png

Subaru Solterra STI: Hotted-up electric SUV reportedly coming

The STI badge is rumoured to feature on an electric SUV for the first time, but possibly without power upgrades

af6e09c6/abrook 220212 2022 coty hyundai ioniq 5 awd 5 jpg

How much more expensive are electric cars in 2023?

Amid inevitably increasing new car prices, how big is the electric vehicle price premium compared to a petrol vehicle?

6a650df1/2023 byd seal 2023034 jpg

2024 BYD Seal pricing and features: Watch out, Model 3!

Tesla Model 3 rival lands in Australia with razor-sharp price

5b19136f/toyota kayoibako ev concept 1 jpg

Toyota Kayoibako EV concept revealed

Kayobaiko means reusable carton, but now it also means Swiss Army knife

ee051138/chery omoda 5 ev reveal 1 jpeg

Chery Omoda 5 EV: Mid-2024 Australian launch confirmed

The electric version of Chery’s debut small SUV will arrive next year

afc109bf/2023 city of sydney council ev electric charging4 jpg

Jet Charge introduces charging station subscription to boost EV fleets

Businesses have a new reason to make the electric vehicle fleet switch

a33e18e6/nissan hyper concepts first three revealed png

Nissan’s Hyper force four: Urban, Adventure, Tourer... and one more

Nissan’s electric vehicle concept family is ‘Hyper’ indeed

c7ec1007/kia ev day 2025 kia ev3 5 jpg

2026 Kia EV2: Small electric car ruled out for Australia

A smaller Kia EV2 is coming in 2026, but it's not for Australia

e6851112/2024 toyta ft se concept 2 jpg

Toyota FT-Se concept: Electric Supra or MR2 teased ahead of reveal

Toyota has given a glimpse at what's coming to the Japan Mobility Show

b489107e/byd ute patent header jpg

2024 BYD Ute revealed in patent images ahead of Australian release

Chinese-built electric utes set to take off next year with BYD entry

62ef1b07/mercedes benz eqa eqs crash test battery safety 01 jpeg

VIDEO: Mercedes crashes two EVs to prove structural & battery safety

Mercedes-Benz showcases the safety of its electric vehicles through a public crash test, aiming to address common concerns around EV safety

c25e0a96/audi sustainability 4 jpg

How sustainable are electric cars really? Charging, battery & waste explained

The true environmental impact of EVs continues to be questioned, so are they really ‘greener’ than ICE cars? Here’s a comprehensive evidence-based breakdown

db1d2291/2023 toyota hilux revo toyota hilux bev toyota hilux electric review 5 JPG

2023 Toyota HiLux EV review: Revo BEV concept driven

Officially the Revo BEV is a ‘functioning concept’ but a first steer of the fully electric Hilux suggests a production model is not far away

c7f9100c/kia ev day 2025 kia ev4 4 jpeg

2025 Kia EV4 revealed: Electric sedan coming for Model 3

Watch out Tesla, Kia EV4 concept brings electric sedans into the future

91720f4d/2023 kia ev3 concept 2 jpg

Kia EV3 concept revealed as entry-level electric SUV

'Kia EV Day' continues with the new EV3 concept, previewing a small SUV set to launch in 2024

c7cc1013/kia ev day 2024 kia ev5 1 jpg

2024 Kia EV5 revealed and coming to Australia next year

It's official, the EV5 is coming to Oz next year

449c12e1/2023 kia ev4 concept interior 1 jpg

Kia is launching an AI chatbot... Do we want that?

Welcome to 2023, where nobody is safe from AI – but Kia is keen to make it more a blessing than a curse

5572137b/2024 kia electric cars upcoming jpeg

Kia's two new electric concepts revealed ahead of today's big event

Here's what we can expect from Kia's journey to electrification over the next couple of years

a8aa0973/jolt ee substation indicative 1 jpg

Public EV charging: Hard lessons learned on what must be fixed

The importance of brightly-painted charging bays, longer cables, and even wheel stops has been highlighted