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608f1727/2024 renault scenic e tech electric suv 045 jpg

Victoria’s EV road tax found “unconstitutional” by Australian High Court

In a blow for the state, Victoria’s zero-emissions vehicle road-user tax has been deemed unlawful

ae89096a/tesla model 3 fast charger jpg

Are there enough EV chargers in Australia? Here's your guide

Public EV charging networks are expanding, but there still aren’t enough today. Does that mean you shouldn’t buy an EV?

afc109bf/2023 city of sydney council ev electric charging4 jpg

Jet Charge introduces charging station subscription to boost EV fleets

Businesses have a new reason to make the electric vehicle fleet switch

a8aa0973/jolt ee substation indicative 1 jpg

Public EV charging: Hard lessons learned on what must be fixed

The importance of brightly-painted charging bays, longer cables, and even wheel stops has been highlighted

a26308fd/2022 11 bp pulse charging news 2 jpg

BP Pulse begins time-based EV charging prices

It will be cheaper to charge at night and weekends at select BP charging stations

c83b0a99/gm strike 2 jpg

US auto industry strike set to rumble on

United Auto Workers union digs in as current and former US presidents weigh in

bf980a76/2022 hyundai ioniq 5 vs hyundai nexo comparison static front hyundai hq australia bsullivan jpg

Hydrogen or battery-electric cars: Which is right for Australia?

Why are battery EVs starting to take off, while hydrogen continues to be stuck at ground level?

86681be4/chargefox electric charging attribution required 9 jpg

Interview: Chargefox chief discusses EV charging problems & promised improvements

Australia’s largest public EV charging network has developed a poor reputation with complaints by users and the media. WhichCar spoke to the Chargefox CEO to address the critics, accusations and misconceptions

b4a60a10/2021 hyundai i30 n dct engine red australia dynamic rear street 3 cbrunelli jpg

EU to weaken Euro 7 emissions mandate to focus on EVs

To focus on developing electric cars, the EU has followed calls to weaken impending strict emissions mandates

32091a8c/2023 porsche taycan 4s cross turismo bondi darwin9 jpg

Porsche Taycan proves crossing the Australian Outback in an EV is possible

With F1 star Mark Webber at the helm, a Taycan Cross Turismo made it from Darwin to Bondi

45e71b1c/mitsubishi jet charge wa handover outlander phev jpg

Mitsubishi Outlander PHEVs to expand Australia’s charging infrastructure

Jet Charge has been handed the keys to an Outlander PHEV fleet to support Australia’s EV charging station expansion, especially in remote regions

c7fb153d/byd megastore alexandria sydney 15 jpg

NSW to end EV rebate early to focus on charging infrastructure

New South Wales will end its electric vehicle rebate earlier than initially planned, though the state government will instead focus investment on charging infrastructure

Running Costs Petrol V Electric

Electric v Petrol: How much does it cost to charge vs fuel a car?

What are the running costs of an electric vehicle when compared to the internal combustion engined cars we've known for so long?

de981912/outbound electric car sharing tesla model 3 2 jpeg

EV-sharing startup to serve Gold Coast apartment owners

Outbound has added its fifth high-end property partner to provide on-demand EV access for residents

cda80aba/2022 volvo xc40 vs 2022 lexus ux300e thomaswielecki 56 jpg

Why are EV chargers unreliable?

Faulty public EV charging stations have been the angst for many critics in the media – adding to the fear and hesitancy. Here’s why chargers can be unreliable at times and what’s being done

4ed50ded/my24polestar2092 jpg

Polestar wants lower emissions, not beat Tesla in sales figures

The Sino-Swedish EV maker isn’t set on beating Tesla at its own game

8e2e1881/mercedes amg eqs at tesla supercharger usa jpg

Tesla significantly expands Superchargers to all EVs in Australia, but...

All EVs can now access more Tesla Superchargers in Australia – if you’re willing to pay

b7ab0961/2022 hyundai ioniq 5 v tesla model 3 comparison wheels wielecki a 24 jpg

Which electric cars are exempt from the Luxury Car Tax?

The contentious LCT continues to shadow Australian new car buyers, but which EV models can avoid it?

d504154a/top gear tesla supercharger v4 uk 1 png

Tesla V4 Superchargers expand to the UK, open to all EV types

Tesla’s new V4 Superchargers are rolling out to better suit non-Tesla EV models

nissan roam

What happens to old EV batteries? This is your rundown on 'second-life' battery packs!

EV batteries are gaining a new lease on life once they're no longer needed on the road, which is good news for the environment

c4e80b32/midsize suv megatest group 2023 cx5 forester outlander rav4 sportage tiguan tucson x trail edewar 221212 38 jpg

Anti-pothole recycled roads to roll out in Victoria

Recycled materials will be paved in Victorian asphalt roads to help address waste, improve durability and save taxpayer’s money

6d8e1ac2/electrify america ev charger ford f 150 lightning13 jpg

Public EV charging satisfaction declining in the US

Unsurprisingly, a new study has found EV owners are dissatisfied with public charging stations – supporting the need to (ideally) plug in at home

69391af9/electrify america ev charger ford mustang mach e 4 jpg

Carmakers partner for new North American EV charging network, Australia still left out

Seven major automakers have teamed up to establish a North American EV charging network similar to Europe’s Ionity, but Australia is still left behind

b3f509ec/2023 volvo c40 recharge suv blue 2210vlvc40 22 jpg

How much does it cost to charge an electric car?

A key selling point for making the EV switch is that they’re simply cheaper to run. We break down charging costs in this guide