Kia's two new electric concepts revealed ahead of today's big event

Here's what we can expect from Kia's journey to electrification over the next couple of years

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More and more 'legacy' brands want buyers to know they're all-in on EVs, revealing not just one concept at a time, but a whole family of futuristic electric show cars.

The likes of Skoda and Lexus have taken this route, and now Kia's in the game too, with the 'Kia EV Day' coming this evening to showcase two new electric concepts.

But, too soon, an image of Kia's new electric family has surfaced online [↗], giving webizens a first look at the incoming stars.

Neither concept wears a nameplate in this image, but we might expect EV3 and EV4 to appear as obvious choices. EV3, in particular, has been touted widely as the next badge to appear, and these spy photos with the UK's Auto Express [↗] suggest it isn't far from going on sale.

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Left of frame, positioned between the EV6our 2022 Car of the Year – and the recently unveiled, Sportage-sized EV5, is a bronze number that gives off 'jacked-up four-door coupe' vibes.

If ever one mashup of design ideas were ever in vogue, it's this look right now.

It's unclear from this image if this 'EV4' is smaller or larger than the EV6, but good ol' foreshortening tells us it's likely smaller – and that would line up with expectations that this is a Cerato-sized EV.

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To the right, sitting forward of the massive EV9, is a more conventionally-shaped small SUV, which would effectively replace the Soul EV that was never offered in Australia. (The Niro is notably absent from this group...)

Finished in a light mint green, this concept previews a Seltos-sized (oh lordy, shall we call it the Mentos?) model to sit opposite the Kona EV in the Hyundai Kia group stable.

Unlike the Kona, however, this new small EV is sure to be built on the group's new, post E-GMP electric platform, to be known simply as eM.

The EV5 will be the first model built on that new architecture, with the EV6 and EV9 riding on the existing E-GMP platform – which is still very well-regarded, and only three years-old.

Models built on the eM platform are expected to be budget-focused – as far as affordability goes in the EV world – with a lower-voltage 400V or 500V electrical system, rather than the fast-charging 800V design found in E-GMP models.

Watch for more on Kia's future EV plans to be announced later today.


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