New MAXTRAX LITE recovery boards, lighter on wallet and scales

MAXTRAX releases lighter, cheaper recovery board

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The 4x4 recovery powerhouse has just released a new recovery board dubbed the MAXTRAX LITE, which is almost 50 per cent lighter than the premium MKII boards.

The Australian-made MAXTRAX LITE is priced at $179 per unit (a pair), which is considerably cheaper than the $319 MAXTRAX asks for its MKII. Despite the $140 price difference, MAXTRAX says its new LITE version shares the same DNA as the original units but in “a new lightweight construction”.

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Giving the boards its tough yet light construction is the use of impact-resistant thermoplastic, in lieu of the MKII’s reinforced nylon blend. The LITE measures 895mm long and weighs just 1.8kg each, which makes them 22 per cent shorter and 48 per cent lighter than the MKIIs – an ideal weight and size for storing on roof racks.

With years of experience perfecting the ideal recovery board, MAXTRAX has ensured the boards are equipped with all of the clever and useful design features of the MKII.

Key features include a double ramp design, to easily fit beneath tyres; a shovel at both ends; four handles; mounting pin holes to link together with other boards in the MAXTRAX family, for easy storage; and a low-profile design.

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The LITE also shares the same aggressive teeth pattern as the bigger MKII, with the 66 teeth effective at gripping on to rubber in a recovery.

As the LITE is manufactured with a similar design as the original premium boards, they come with the MAXTRAX lifetime warranty.

Unlike the MKII, the LITE is only available in black.


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