Navman MiView Pro 4K dash cam launched

Navman launches its self-proclaimed best-ever dash cam

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Picking the right dash cam to suit your needs can be a real challenge, so when Navman, winner of the latest Canstar Blue Independent award for dash cams, releases what they say is their best-ever dash cam, it’s worth noting.

Navman has brought together a range of industry-leading features and designed, manufactured and tested a dash cam that offers everything you would want for your 4WD.

The front camera of the MiView Pro 4K records 3840 x 2160P at 30 frames per second (fps) which is true 4K. The detail the camera captures is perfect for insurance claims, social media uploads and even YouTube-quality footage. The MiView Pro 4K also has a large 1/1.8-inch low light sensor, which at 8MP, pulls in more light and allows greater clarity even in dark situations.

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The brilliantly clear footage makes details like number plates and street signs easy to read and, with GPS tagging you will have precise coordinates of any accident site, along with details of the direction of impact thanks to the built-in 3-Axis G-Sensor.

The rear camera on the MiView Pro 4K DC has a premium STARVIS sensor with a 135-degree field of vision while recording at 30fps in 2560 x 1440P or 2.5K.

Voice command is available on the MiView Pro 4K and MiView™ Pro 4K DC, so hard saving any recording doesn’t need to be triggered by touching a button, you can simply tell the camera to start recording verbally. Those of us with older 4WDs will enjoy the inclusion of ADAS warnings, with front collision warnings and lane departure warning systems.

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There is also a stop-and-go warning that tells you if the vehicle in front of you has taken off. The MiView Pro 4K DC also has a rear collision warning that will alert you if someone is following too closely behind you. Additional safety camera alerts can also be updated monthly over the air including school zones, railway crossings, speed and other useful warnings.

The MiView Pro 4K retails for $369 and the MiView Pro 4K DC retails for $529, and by purchasing the SmartBox for an additional $79 plus installation, the dash cams will have a continuous power source that enables parking mode to operate even when the engine is switched off.

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This provides the knowledge that your 4WD is parked safely and if anyone hits it and drives away, record mode is activated via smart motion detection and your MiView Pro 4K will have captured the culprit.

The front camera includes a 2.7-inch LCD screen that allows you to review footage and allows a faster file download, with high-speed WIFI via EZYSHARE instantly to the MiView Pro App on your smartphone that can then be shared easily.

Glenn Marshall


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