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449c12e1/2023 kia ev4 concept interior 1 jpg

Kia is launching an AI chatbot... Do we want that?

Welcome to 2023, where nobody is safe from AI – but Kia is keen to make it more a blessing than a curse

a0f91b14/2023 small suv test mazda cx 30 g25 astina awd abrook 42 jpg

Mazda Connected Services confirmed for Australia

Mazda Australia to follow Toyota, Hyundai, Kia and Honda with in-vehicle connectivity in 2024

68577a0a/renault 5 concept battery 1 jpg

What are sodium-ion electric car batteries?

Lithium-ion battery costs have risen, proving a headache for cheaper EVs. But, sodium-ion tech is emerging as a potential solution

57481728/2023 mazda2 pure sp air stream blue hatch 3 jpg

Australians want more tech and safety features in new cars, study finds

An Australian survey has found buyers want more tech and safety, affirming the move from most carmakers to include more standard features for a higher price

b07d09f6/ev buyers guide tesla model 3 1 interior jpg

Tesla’s value predicted to boost from new Dojo self-driving supercomputer

Tesla’s new image-based Dojo supercomputer could spark potential, according to analysts

f185153b/car infotainment adobestock 194280378 jpeg

Carmakers can sell your data – even your sex life

Shocking new research into the largely unregulated world of vehicle data collection shows how exposed the average consumer is

8e2e1881/mercedes amg eqs at tesla supercharger usa jpg

Tesla significantly expands Superchargers to all EVs in Australia, but...

All EVs can now access more Tesla Superchargers in Australia – if you’re willing to pay

56f20de4/2023 tesla model 3 performance 107 jpeg

400km in 10 minutes? New fast-charging EV batteries due in 2024

The world’s largest EV battery supplier has announced a new LFP battery. Is this the closest ‘official’ hint of an imminent Model 3 update launch to date?

b14709c5/carplay long 1 jpg

Dud Google Maps directions leave woman stranded in the desert

Police urge drivers to use caution when using navigation directions in remote locations

be3309ef/2018 tesla model x p100d handling jpg

How a Tesla write-off from the US landed in Ukraine – with the previous owner still logged in

In a lesson of vehicle data privacy, an American journalists’ former Tesla started using his online accounts – from nearly 8000 kilometres overseas and almost a year later

b8a50a80/manual gear shift jpg

Why aren’t people learning to drive a manual car?

Manual cars are almost dead. So, this might be your last chance to enjoy them.

4ce50e27/ls engines main jpg

LS engine family part 1: Gen III + Gen IV

The LS engine has been in production for over a quarter-century, and there are literally dozens of variants to play with. Here's the skinny on the whole bunch!

c89818ff/2024 mini cooper infotainment round display 13 jpg

Mini is slapping a smartwatch on the dash of its new Cooper, and I'm into it

BMW's 'budget' brand, Mini, is doubling down on the iconic round display with a fully frisbee'd screen and graphics that look like they've come straight from my Samsung Galaxy Watch.

b4be09fb/midsize suv megatest nissan x trail ti edewar 221213 edewar 221213 17 jpg

Eco-friendly Google Maps routes have dramatically cut vehicle pollution

Google claims its Maps eco-friendly route suggestions have saved more than a million tonnes of vehicle CO2 emissions in a year

9f490fad/arby por440 valiant 1 jpg

Race safety: How to prepare your car before you head to the track

Arby provides some pointers for readying your race car for a tech inspection

f7911601/2024 mg cyberster whichcar australia 3 jpg

MG: future 600kW EVs will recharge in ‘10 minutes’

Half-solid-state batteries coming next year; SAIC confirms its working on a battery even cheaper than LFP

bc4c0a4b/2023 mg 4 suv yellow orange 15 crop jpg

MG: EVs now priced to rival petrol cars

MG battery boss says some EVs have reached price parity with ICEs – and are only going to get cheaper

2a0512b7/chad atkinson xp build main JPG

Four-day XP Falcon wagon thrash build

An Easter long-weekend thrash by a bunch of good mates brings a languishing project to fruition

9a661007/subaru brz eyesight jpg

Subaru WRX, BRZ manuals to receive AEB; Toyota GR86 likely to follow

Potentially life-saving autonomous emergency braking tech – mandated in Australia from 2025 – will be added to manual Subaru BRZ and WRX sports cars

45860ddd/volvo ex30 dash jpg

The new Volvo EX30 appears to have taken some notes from Tesla

The new baby electric SUV sweeps its functions into a central portrait screen – but with research to back up the decision

48de1b35/driving with apple vision pro whichcar australia jpg

Apple Vision Pro: Is it legal to drive when wearing VR or AR glasses?

Apple’s new Vision Pro headset might have you wondering if it is legal to use augmented reality devices when driving in Australia

d28b10d4/ford falcon body swap 2 jpg

XP Falcon coupe body swap onto an EL Falcon chassis

How to turn two rusty Ford Falcons into a low-buck fun machine over a four-day long weekend

Ev Buyers Guide Byd Atto 3 21 Interior

BYD Atto 3 software update brings Android Auto, joining Apple CarPlay

The BYD Atto 3 has received Android Auto via an over-the-air update, after Apple CarPlay was added to the electric SUV in January

bf2f0a6b/toyota logo jpg

Toyota confirms some Australian owners affected in unprotected data event

Toyota and Lexus owners in Japan have had their vehicle data publicly available for the past decade, with some Australian Toyota customers impacted.