Toyota Wait Times In 2023: How long are Toyota’s delivery delays?

Your model-by-model guide to estimated wait times on a new Toyota in 2023

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After a new Toyota, but not sure how long you'll have to wait?

Issues such as semiconductor chip shortages and shipping problems have affected the ability of manufacturers like Toyota to keep cars flowing into Australia.

As such, the Japanese brand's models are experiencing some delays.

It's worth noting that some models are in greater supply than others, with flexibility around powertrains, specification and vehicle colour likely to see a vehicle in your driveway sooner.

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August 1: Tough times still, but slowly improving

Times are surely but slowly improving for frustrated Toyota buyers, with average wait times falling by an average of five per cent at the end of July over the beginning of the year.

From a model-by-model perspective, the wait for a C-HR is now 94 days, marking a huge improvement from January at 379 days.

The Corolla now stands at 225 days, a slight lift over the beginning of the year (205 days).

Fortuner times, meanwhile, have blown out to 230 days, up from 82 in March and 147 in January.

If you’re looking for a new HiAce van, ait times are now at 175 days, down from 254 in January. HiLux, meanwhile, stands at 162, down from 228 in January.

Toyota’s big LandCruiser now sits at 150 days, well down from the 285-day wait in January.

The RAV4, meanwhile, is still out at almost a year at 334 days, which is the second-longest of all the models in the range. It fell to 218 in March before rising again and stood at 352 in January.

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May 2023: The latest on Toyota delays

Overall, according to Price My Car, the average wait time in April for a Toyota was 230 days – compared to 172 days in January 2022.

The quickest to get hold of is the Fortuner SUV at 82 days, followed by the HiLux with a 190-day average wait and Camry sedan/hatch with a 211-day delay.

The worst affected is the Yaris – which buyers have to wait, on average, 319 days for.

According to Toyota, supply in particular of the Camry and RAV4 hybrids is currently constrained, and wait times remain long for the LandCruiser models – with a stop sale continuing on the LandCruiser 70 Series ute.

Toyota average model wait times 2023

ModelWait time
C-HR94 days
Camry211 days (as of May 2023)
CoasterNot available
Corolla225 days
Corolla CrossNot available
Fortuner230 days
GR YarisNot available
GR86Not available
GranviaNot available
HiAce175 days
Kluger218 days (as of May 2023)
LandCruiser 300150 days
LandCruiser 70Not available
LandCruiser PradoNot available
SupraNot available
Yaris319 days (as of May 2023)
Yaris CrossNot available
RAV4334 days
HiLux162 days

NOTE: This information is current as of September 8, 2023. This article will be reviewed and amended as new details come to light.

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A spokesperson for Toyota Australia previously told us: "Demand for new vehicles is at unprecedented levels. In Australia, to support the strong demand, Toyota has been continuing to work closely with our global production teams to secure as many vehicles for our market as possible, and minimise any impact.

"Wait times will vary depending on the model, variant and specification requirements of each customer. Due to the ever-evolving nature of this situation, Toyota dealers are best placed to continue to provide updates to our customers on delivery timeframes for individual orders."

With all of the above in mind, it is important to consider this article a guide only.

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