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Also called a Single-Cab-Chassis, the Single-cab is the quintessential tradie's ute that comprises two doors, two seats, and a tray out back for carrying tools and equipment. Single-cab utes typically come in two styles; a box-backed workman’s ute with an alloy flat or panel-sided tray suited for big lock-boxes and load carrying, or car-based iterations such as the iconic Ford and Holden utes, which have since ceased production.


As the name suggests, the dual-cabin ute has four doors and at least four seats, though most have five these days. It is also called a Double Cab. Because of the extra passenger row, the rear cargo area is shorter than other ute styles, and you'll see it's more car-like in the sense that bodywork surrounds the tray and the chassis isn't exposed. Payload and tow capacities are quite high as well (although typically less than Single-cabs), with some claiming to haul up to 3.5 tonnes.


Also called a Super-cab, Space-cab or King-cab, this body style splits the difference between single and Dual-cab utes. Think of it as a one-and-a-half cab, and the extra room behind the first row of seats can be used as either seating or storage. Many Extra-cabs feature ‘suicide doors’, smaller entry doors that are hinged at the rear and open the cabin right out, and allowing goods and people in and out without needing to shift the front seats like your typical two-door, two-row car.

About Utes

The good ol' Aussie utility may be long gone, but the term “ute” lives on with the pick-up. Due to its off-road versatility and improvements in refinement, utes have found a wider audience who use it as 4x4 adventure tourers and family runabouts. Plus, they’re popular with tradies thanks to the rear tray.

The ute owes its immense popularity to the variety of body styles and drivetrains it can be specified with. With the two-seat Single Cab, two-seat cabin with added rear cargo space Extra Cab, and the five-seat four-door Double Cab configurations, plus the option of two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive, there is a ute to suit nearly every purpose.