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Ford Ranger Sport V 6 Project

Ford Ranger

The current-generation Ford Ranger arrived in Australia in 2022, as part of an all-out Ford assault on the booming ute market.

Boasting class-leading levels of equipment, the revamped Ranger consists of a vast model line-up, with a variety of 4x2 and 4x4 models in either cab-chassis or pick-up form – and in single-cab, super-cab or double-cab configurations

The base-spec XL is the cheapest entry into the Ranger range, followed by the XLS, XLT, Sport and Wildtrak.

Toyota Hilux GR Sport 2023 1

Toyota HiLux

The Toyota HiLux has been Australia’s most popular vehicle for many years now.

Sales show now sign of fading, either, despite the latest-generation model having been around since 2015.

The comprehensive Toyota Hilux range is headed by three key models: WorkMate, SR and SR5.

Each model contains various cabin configurations in either pick-up or cab-chassis styles (and 4x4 or 4x2), and you need a sophisticated flowchart to best analyse the mountain of options available.

2023 Isuzu D Max X TERRAIN Granite Grey Ute 15

Isuzu D-MAX

The Isuzu D-Max was initially launched in Australia back in 2008 and has been a consistently strong-selling ute and a firm favourite with both recreational four-wheel-drivers and tradies.

An all-new model in 2020 saw increases in power and safety features, as well as a freshly re-designed interior to bring the D-Max closer in specifications and features to market-leading rivals.

4 X 4 Australia Reviews 2022 2022 Mitsubishi Triton GLX 2022 Mitsubishi Triton GLX 70

Mitsubishi Triton

The Japanese-bred Mitsubishi Triton ute is available in single-cab, club-cab, and double-cab configurations, in either cab-chassis or pick-up guise.

A vast 4x4 and 4x2 model line-up consists of the entry-level GLX, GLX+, GLX-R, GLS and the top-spec GSR. Premium models are equipped with a Super Select II full-time 4x4 system, while lower-spec variants get a more rudimentary Easy Select part-time 4WD system.

4 X 4 Australia Reviews 2022 2022 Mazda BT 50 Thunder On Fraser Island 84

Mazda BT-50

The Mazda BT-50 ute has a long history. Mazda has been selling utes in Australia since 1964 with the release of the B Series light truck, later going on to sell 4x4 versions known as the B2600 and Mazda Bravo before creating the BT-50 badge.

Launched in 2020, the current Mazda BT-50 was co-developed in partnership with Isuzu and shares underpinnings and engines with the D-Max ute.

4x4 Ute Pricing

4x4 Ute Reviews

db1d2291/2023 toyota hilux revo toyota hilux bev toyota hilux electric review 5 JPG

2023 Toyota HiLux EV review: Revo BEV concept driven

Officially the Revo BEV is a ‘functioning concept’ but a first steer of the fully electric Hilux suggests a production model is not far away

f15e1538/wheels best utes 2023 under 80k hero 4 jpg

2023 Best Ute Under $80K: Ford Ranger V6 Sport

All utes are our trusty workhorses, but which is the best when you're looking in the nicer part of the stables?

6d3813ab/2023 toyota hilux gr sport ute 9 JPG

2023 Toyota HiLux GR Sport review

Is the new halo HiLux Toyota’s best dual-cab ever?

7a2d13be/wheels best ute 2023 ford ranger jpg

2023 Best Ute: Ford Ranger

Why Ford's locally designed and developed Ranger is top of the dual-cab class.

a74b146e/wheels best performance utes 2023 jpg

2023 Best Performance Ute: Ford Ranger Raptor

Keen on a dual-cab ute that can work hard and play even harder? These are the best options for utes with some added spice

257e11e4/wheels best value ute 2023 2 jpg

2023 Best Value 4X4 Ute: Isuzu D-Max SX

What are the most affordable dual-cab utes to own and run? We’ve crunched the numbers to help you save some serious cash

f0eb1537/wheels best utes 2023 under 50k hero 2 jpg

2023 Best Ute Under $50K: Mitsubishi Triton

At the most affordable end of the market, which dual-cab ute delivers the goods?

f2671130/wheels best work ute 2023 jpg

2023 Best Work Ute: Ford Ranger XLT

Are you a tradie in the market for a new ute? You’ve come to the right place, because we are rounding up what we think are the top five 4x4 tradie utes available in Australia right now.

f11c153f/wheels best utes 2023 under 60k hero 2 jpg

2023 Best Ute Under $60K: Volkswagen Amarok Life

Not everyone has the budget for the fancier dual-cab utes in town, but do you opt for a Ford or VW badge if you have less than $60,000 to spend?

3e9a125e/wheels best towing ute 2023 3 jpg

2023 Best Ute for Towing

When it comes to the important task of towing, it's a straight fight between the Ford Ranger and VW Amarok twins in the mid-size ute class.

1ad111f1/wheels best family ute 2023 jpg

2023 Best Family Ute: Toyota HiLux

The modern dual-cab is called upon to deliver very precious cargo. Here’s the inside scoop on the best family-friendly dual-cab utes on sale today

f9841a0a/ford ranger phev v ford ranger wildtrak diesel png

2025 Ford Ranger PHEV vs current 2023 Ranger Wildtrak: SPEC BATTLE!

How does the plug-in Ranger stack up for specifications and features against a diesel-powered equivalent?

ca481802/2023 ford ranger wildtrak x ute edewar 230911 23 jpg

2023 Ford Ranger Wildtrak X review

Special edition Wildtrak X arrives with a strong off-road focus

dc5d2528/2024 mitsubishi triton v 2023 mitsubishi triton spec battle whichcar australia png
4x4 Comparisons

2024 Mitsubishi Triton vs old 2023 Triton: SPEC BATTLE!

How do the specifications and features for the 2024 Mitsubishi Triton stack up against the outgoing ute?

b9b314b7/ford ranger raptor inwood dsc03887 jpg

2023 Ford Ranger Raptor long-term review: Here’s why we’ll miss Ford’s tough truck

It’s great in the desert, but how does the new Raptor handle the daily grind? To find out, we've added one to our long-term test fleet

c31b2608/2023 ford ranger platinum volkswagen amarok aventura tdi600 ute group edewar 2307242 jpg

2023 Ford Ranger Platinum vs 2023 Volkswagen Amarok TDI 600 Aventura comparison review

Does the addition of an upmarket Ranger variant have what it takes to depose Volkswagen's ritziest Amarok?

90e31b61/2022 toyota landcruiser 79 70th anniversary edition 35 jpg

The top six off-road expedition vehicles

Not all 4x4s are suited to long-distance, remote-area expeditions, so the 4X4 Australia team share their six top choices

4d352386/2024 mitsubishi triton v 2023 ford ranger spec battle whichcar mike stevens png
4x4 Comparisons

New 2024 Mitsubishi Triton vs Ford Ranger: SPEC BATTLE!

What differences exist between the fresh new Mitsubishi ute and its class-leading Ford rival?

10 greatest 4x4s of all time

The 10 greatest 4x4s of all time

Some 4x4s have made more of an impact on the world than others, but just which ones have made the biggest difference? We ask our team of 4x4 experts

c2650b12/2023 ford ranger platinum 011 jpg

2023 Ford Ranger Platinum: Quick review

Taking a look at Ford's top of the line Ranger Platinum.

380216e3/ford ranger xls long term shed update 3 jpeg

2020 Ford Ranger XLS Sport long-term review

Deano's loaded Ranger XLS is an all-terrain tourer

625a0e60/ford ranger xl 11 jpg

Entry-level 2023 Ford Ranger XL off-road review

A quick outback spin in the Ford Ranger XL gives us a feel for the entry-level ute

b4ef098d/2022 mazda bt 50 thunder on fraser island 15 jpg

2023 Mazda BT-50 review: Full range detailed

The Mazda BT-50 is a popular midsize ute, available in single, extended and dual-cab forms. Learn more about the BT-50 range including price, interior, tray space, safety assists and performance.

Mitsubishi Triton GSR A Brook 220726 3309

2023 Mitsubishi Triton GSR review

With the next-gen Triton imminent, does Mitsubishi’s flagship GSR still have something to offer?

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